Five Principles

Recruit more female researchers and actively appoint them to managerial positions

Raise organization-wide gender equal consciousness

Provide study and career support for female researchers

Life event support

Provide support for female researchers in collaboration with local communities and companies

Activity Report

[Recruiting] The Outstanding Women in Research Award has been established. The first round of nominations is now open.

Nagaoka University of Technology, National Institution of technology, Nagaoka Collage, and E trust Co., Ltd. established the Outstanding Female Researcher Award in order to motivate female researchers and contribute to the development of excellent female researchers who will be responsible for future academic research and to promote diversity. The heads of each department, the Director […]

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【JST organizing】 Call for Participation in Online Workshop Seminar/Workshop Series for Researcher Professional Development Vol. 2

We are pleased to inform you that the Seminar/Workshop Series for Researcher Professional Development will be held regularly under “the Comprehensive Support Project for the Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers”. Participation is free of charge, so please feel free to invite others and join in. Title Professional Development Planning for Researchers—How to Design […]

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