Project Overview

Commitment of Three Institutions toward Diversity Initiatives

Five Principles

Recruit more female researchers and actively appoint them to managerial positions

Proactively recruit female professors and young female researchers

Open recruitment exclusively for female researchers who wish to return to their hometown or to move to other nearby cities in order to seek employment

Recruitment under the Cross-Appointment System among the national institutes of technology and companies, and through the global industrial-academia collaboration

Exchange among female researchers by using the GIGAKU (science and technology) Techno Park Network

Raise organization-wide gender equal consciousness

Launch a Diversity Promotion Office and appoint a person in charge at each institution

Hold lectures on gender equality in collaboration with the related and affiliated institutions

Raise awareness in regards to promoting diversity and gender equality in the capacity of a hub university under the UN Academic Impact project and MEXT super global university

Provide study and career support for female researchers

Provide study support for outstanding female researchers

Provide support for joint research led by female researchers

Provide support for joint research which will lead to creating female leaders, technological innovation in the industry, and the revitalization of local communities

Hold seminars on fundraising for female researchers

Hold seminars in pursuit of attracting female students to enroll into doctoral courses

Engineering ethics education and enlightenment

Life event support

Provide study support for researchers who are caring for their small children or aging parents

Provide study support for researchers who return to work

Provide assistance for researchers who use child-care services for their sick children

Start in-house nurseries

Establish a mentoring system in order to provide work-life balance and career support, Launch an advising room and appoint concierges

Develop a list of alternative faculty members

Provide support for female researchers in collaboration with local communities and companies

Facilitate networking between female researchers, local communities, and companies in collaboration with the related and affiliate institutions

Examine a concept of a Diversity Consortium (temporary name) for the purpose of assisting female researchers and engineers in collaboration with local industrial associations

To Ripple through the Local Communities and Industries in Collaboration

Project Introduction Leaflet