Promoting Diversity Disseminating Information to National Colleges of Technologies across the Country

Implementation Supervisor of the joint implementation facility
Principal of the Independent Administrative Agency of the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College
Nobuhiro Harada

Today, when the industrial world is being asked to pursue high-level productivity through collaboration of diverse technologies or human resources, it is necessary to construct an educational environment in which diverse students can develop their capabilities according to their uniqueness and special characteristics. At national colleges of technology, with the mission of cultivating engineers, promoting diversity is an extremely important effort through which different people can be active, including female teachers in charge of educating high-level engineers.

This project is being conducted to promote diversity based on a nucleus of cooperation of three facilities: The Nagaoka University of Technology, as a representative facility; e TRUST Co., Ltd., as a local corporation; and national colleges of technology. Cooperation with the Nagaoka University of Technology, closely related to our national college of technology, is expected to promote diversity with maximum consideration of our environment and circumstances. Additionally, I would like to disseminate the results and significance to the National Institute of Technology and national colleges of technology nationwide.

Furthermore, the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College is promoting education and research in cooperation with many local corporations in that the national college of technology is expected to contribute to local community creation. Therefore, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be able to contribute to active work of female engineers through cooperation with this project, even in diverse fields.